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Student support & advice

Student Advice and Support Service at Loughborough University has a team of professional advisers who are specialists in the area of student advice.  They can help students with the majority of legal matters they may encounter while at University and are the only people, in the University, authorised to give immigration advice. Last year, they were awarded the Advice Quality Standard which shows the high level of service we offer.

In addition to immigration and visa issues, they have specialist housing advisers, who have a wealth of experience in private rented problems including disrepair, deposits, harassment by landlords and illegal evictions. They offer support to students who need help managing their money and have in depth knowledge of the Student Loan system, including applications for repeat years of funding or making applications for estranged students and care leavers. They are registered with the Financial Services Authority to give debt counselling.

They can also advise on consumer/contract problems or issues arising during employment including tax and National Insurance. On top of that, they have a phone in their waiting area that students can use to contact student finance or ring to obtain a National Insurance number, without using their mobile minutes.

They offer a range of leaflets and have even more information on their website here.

They are based  just 2 minutes from the Medical Centre, in The Bridgeman Building. Students can make face to face appointments, telephone appointments or contact us via email.

As well as all of the above, they are able to give emergency hardship loans for any student who finds themselves in urgent financial hardship.

Victim of Hate Crime?

Click the following link to see how you can report any incidents or for information on who to speak to. – Hate Incidents

Sexual Violence

The University adopts a zero tolerance position on sexual violence of any kind. If you would like further information or support, you can visit their website on the link below:

Student Services – Sexual Assault

Date published: 7th April, 2022
Date last updated: 7th April, 2022