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How to register




An important part of coming to University is ensuring that you look after yourself and your wellbeing.

Registering at the Medical Centre on campus will give you access to all NHS services to support you during your time in Loughborough studying.  The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic makes access to medical services more important. Detailed below you will find further information on:-

  • How to register
  • What to expect from the Medical Centre
  • Services available at the Medical Centre
  • Coronavirus
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • University support services

While waiting for your registration to be processed help is available from the following services

  • Local pharmacy
  • NHS 111-
  • Loughborough urgent care centre 24/7
  • Your current registered GP

If you do not register at the Medical Centre we may not be able to see you on Campus and you may be directed to other services.

New patient registration form

Thank you for applying to join the Campus View Medical Centre, please complete the online form below. Once registered your  Named Accountable GP will be Dr Gill.    

What to do BEFORE you arrive

To ensure you have access to NHS treatment we ask that you submit your patient registration form with us 2 to 3 weeks before arriving in Loughborough. If you take ... [continue] What to do BEFORE you arrive

What to do / expect when registered with us and arrived at University 

When registered at the Medical Centre please contact us on 01509 277577 and book a consultation with a clinician to review your medication.  Any regular medication you are prescribed will ... [continue] What to do / expect when registered with us and arrived at University 

General Information

Confidentiality and Consent As a Medical Centre, confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. When you turn 18 years old, your parents will no longer be able to access your ... [continue] General Information

Find your NHS number

Your NHS number is a 10 digit number, like 485 777 3456. It is on any letter you receive from the NHS. You do not need to know your NHS ... [continue] Find your NHS number

Practice boundary

Please use the map below to see if you live within our practice boundary. Please follow the registration procedure on our ‘How to register’ section here. 

Temporary Residents

Coronavirus has impacted the services we would usually be able to offer to visitors and during this pandemic we may only be able to consider patients who need immediate and ... [continue] Temporary Residents

International Students

Please click on the following link to see what services the NHS can provide for international students. UKCISA – UK Council for International Student Affairs

Date published: 27th September, 2023
Date last updated: 27th September, 2023